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Welcome to LyfeStyle Fitness my name is Wendy Moore the Founder of LyfeStyle Fitness. Our mission is to help individuals and families live a healthy lifestyle. There are six aspects of life that I feel put together a complete picture of a healthy & balanced person. By focusing on these different dimensions of life we can determine which areas need work and which areas we already have a good handle on. These six aspects include physical, mental, emotional, social, financial and spiritual health. If any one of these gets out of whack it can send ripples through our life. That is why it is important to exercise balance and stay conscious when we begin to drift too far one way or another.


The physical aspect of life includes our health and the way we treat our bodies. This includes what we consume, how often we exercise, keeping our bodies clean and fresh. Our body is the most precious gift we have and If we don’t stay healthy we certainly can’t enjoy all the other aspects of life. A healthy body is a healthy mind, and by taking better care of ourselves we will feel more confident, more motivated, and more controlling of our life situation. MENTALLY FIT Just like if you don’t take care of your body then it will deteriorate, the same is true for your mind. I feel it is especially important to stay up to date on news, sports, and politics, however puzzles, board games, videogames, and other problem-solving activities are great ways to keep your mind active. The best part is you can usually find something you really enjoy, so you can keep your brain healthy, and at the same time enjoy life a little more. By keeping your mind active has shown to prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s, other forms of dementia, and I presume other cognitive abilities we risk losing if we don’t exercise them.


It is very easy to forget the importance of managing our emotional world. If we neglect it, we may feel unfulfilled and not understanding certain feelings of emptiness. Exercise forgiveness towards those who have hurt or disappointed you. It takes a lot of wasteful energy to hold grudges against others, and it is never worth the effort. If you still have the option to forgive them in person then do it. If not, then say a little prayer or send your good intentions to them. Practice this with all your enemies, and sincerely hope that they find happiness.


Our happiness expresses a need to connect to others. Even our personal identity can be dependent on how others see us within the realm of our social world. Therefore, it is important that we spend time with friends, family, and other loved ones. Re-connect with old friends. Now with the internet and social networking sites like Facebook, it is possible to stay in touch with virtually everyone you have ever known. Ask how people are doing and see if you still share any common interests.


A healthy financial life also includes knowing how to set a budget, not spending beyond your means, and being a good saver. You can have the best paying job in the world, but you can still spend your way to bankruptcy. Prioritize your spending. Needs come before luxuries. Savings are the best way to minimize financial risk for the future.

Spiritually FIT

Have faith that life is good. Faith may not have any role in science, but it does have an important role in good living. Don’t underestimate the importance of seeing the good in things, even our very worst experiences can be valuable, as they are only lessons yet to be learned. Every moment is a source of wealth. Practice living richly. Spend time in solitude. It is not as depressing as it sounds. Dedicate some time alone for prayer, meditation, or even something as simple as watching the sunrise.


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